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Reliable service provider for water industry control valves

As a manufacturer and service provider in the four application fields of commercial and residential water, water recycling and water supply and drainage, HVAC and industrial systems, COLAVAL has a complete set of water and industrial control valve solutions, and continues to provide global customers with more competitive Valve products.

COLAVAL Water Industry Group was established in 1920, headquartered in the German industrial city of Mannheim; it is a global manufacturer and service provider of innovative aquatic products. Its products focus on commercial and residential water, water recycling, water supply and drainage, and HVAC In four application areas of air-conditioning and air consumption and water quality control, COLAVAL continuously optimizes product development and production processes. COLAVAL is committed to providing customers with a full range of comfortable, safe, energy-saving and environmentally the cost of.

Our history


With the Chinese market as the center, Hong Kong Asia Pacific headquarters will be relocated to Shanghai, and after-sales and logistics centers will be established to better serve customers in the Asia Pacific region .


Redesign the company logo. Colaval has changed colors to focus on comfort, safety, energy conservation and environmental protection .


Set up factory and sales company in Tianjin, China.


Major investment in new products: created the first balance valve and entered the HVAC industry .


In Saudi Arabia, India has a representative office.


Colaval celebrates its 80th anniversary with a major reorganization into a customer-centric, market-driven division.


Revamping U.S.A plant to form Colaval Water Technologies Inc .


Colaval acquired a waterworks distributor in Lyon, France, to serve the national waterworks with improved technical support, timely deliveries and better field services.


Colaval established a sales office in Hong Kong and established an assembly and warehousing center in 1994 to serve the Asia Pacific market .


COLAVAL Foundry has unique expertise and know-how in over 50 materials for sand and investment casting techniques. Over the years COLAVAL have improved production capabilities based on the principle of higher performance and unequaled quality.


In Mannheim began to develop and manufacture pneumatic actuators. In the same year, it entered the industrial market.


In order to expand the valve business, copper valve and control valve production lines are added.


COLAVAL is well diversified and serves many fields including Water Distribution, Marine and Fire Protection.


This is colaval’s first factory in the United States. It has added new production lines and production equipment, improved product production capacity, and laid a good foundation for entering the international market .


Colaval has expanded its business to North America and started plans to build additional plants in the United States.


Foundation of the first foreign subsidiaries in Switzerland, France, Austria and the Netherlands.


The first subsidiary is established in Hamburg, Germany. First contracts follow from the shipbuilding industry.


A foundry was set up in Mannheim, and the number of employees increased to 20. The valve and the foundry were merged together, opening a new journey from casting to finished product control.


Costaf Laval founded colaval GmbH in Mannheim and started a series of businesses with five employees in a machinery plant. Then the company’s main business into the production of cast iron valves, customers throughout Mannheim.


Costaf Laval, the founder of colaval, was born in Mannheim.


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